The Museum Council of Iceland is an advisory board for the Icelandic Ministry of Culture and Business Affairs, and carries out various  tasks regarding cultural, art, and natural history museums in accordance with Museum Act 2011 No 141. The Museum Council assesses applications from museums that seek accreditation according to the Museum Act, and prepares a proposal for the Ministry of Culture and Business Affairs that issues the accreditation. As of now, there are 47 accredited museums in Iceland, see the relevant list (with links) here.

The Museum Council has the following roles according to the Museum Act 2011 No 41:

a. To supervise museum activities in Iceland;
b. In cooperation with the central museums, to draft policies with regard to the work of museums and submit them to the Minister for approval;
c. To discuss and approve the founding documents or statutes of museums;
d. To discuss proposals for the accreditation of museums or the withdrawal of accreditation before they are submitted to the Minister;
e. To lay down conditions regarding museum premises, including accessibility standards and safety issues;
f. To lay down conditions regarding standards for museums’ cataloguing systems and the accreditation of such systems;
g. To provide the relevant central museum with an opinion on requests or suggestions for the disposal or destruction of museum objects;
h. To assess the need of a particular area of study or geographic region for a separate special responsibility museum and discuss proposals for such a museum before they are submitted to the Minister by the relevant central museum;
i. To draw up the Museum Fund’s award rules, to be approved by the Minister;
j. To evaluate applications for grants from the Museum Fund;
k. To undertake other tasks related to the operation of museums as further decided by the Minister